vineri, 18 decembrie 2009


I've been watching "Mad Men" television series lately and since i started it i fell in love with it.So far,the show won 9 Emmys and 3 Golden Globes.

Not only the changing of social mores of 60's America,but also women's style is great,i'm totally obsessed about the clothes.My favourite character of the series is Betty Draper.Women these days seem to have lost some preferences for dresses and skirts and i think clothes are very important in defining characters even better.However her relationship with Don becomes distant and she is sometimes a too innocent housewife,she is adored because of her way of clothing.

It seems like she's always waiting-waiting to matter to someone...waiting for someone to appreciate her,without imposing though..

joi, 17 decembrie 2009

Dashing into a New Year!

Well,it's been a while since i haven't written anything,but i did not feel like writing.This 2009 Year is going away soon and to be honest i am very happy about it,though we all complain about the time running so fast.For me it means it remains less time living here.Not that i hate this place so much,but i want something new.A usual toast on Christmas holidays is to leave all the bad in the last year and march into the new one with new energy and ambition.I don't know if that works,but i certainly feel December and the time before New Year is fantastic and has its special charm.

For me 2009 year was a good one,not a great one though.I've made some big conclusions about school,friendship and people.I've discovered a big passion for fashion,vintage,50's,British accent and photograph.I've not made any decisions regarding school and what exactly i will be doing once i graduate,but that's what 2010 is for!

And however indistinctive it is,this life is still so beautiful.

Mai este,mai este...

And here's a song for you!enjoy!