sâmbătă, 17 octombrie 2009

What makes people "run"?

So,i'm going through my cereal cup and looking through my student apartment window,seeing hurried people.

I wonder:what makes these people "run"?What makes that lady with a huge bag run?What makes that bus-driver "run"?Some of us run because of having responsibilities,some because we were taught to always run,some because that's what keeps us alive,some out of inertness,some out of the desire of being the best or famous.

So,i guess it's important to always justify your running.So,it could always be:I run,because...
A woman on the bus once told me"I have lots of things to do,i am so afraid i don't have enough time.I have kids and nephews,and that's what keeps me running.I live for them"

So,do we run because of somebody,do certain people around us keep us running?Or do we have to find the power of running inside us,without waiting for other people to motivate us?Do we run because we are afraid to disappoint others or ourselves?

Oh,and i should run too now.I still have some "to do's" on my Saturday list...

joi, 15 octombrie 2009

Despre ce-o sa scriu?

Nu stiu. Nu am stabilit o tema anume. Cred ca o sa scriu despre mine, despre lucruri care mi se intampla, despre lucruri care se intampla altora, despre amintiri, despre emotii, despre cultura, despre viata. Sunt atat de multe lucruri frumoase.